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 Bottles x Burlesque Basics 10/17 6pm

Virtual Bottles x Burlesque Basics

Is a fun and carefree event , that not only exposes guest to the art of burlesque dance but it’s an amazing experience that celebrates the body while enjoying a libation or two .



I know you are thinking Burlesque , what do I wear? Login in comfy clothes where your movements are not restricted and don’t worry you won’t have to take them off .


We are going to learn the art of burlesque tease , its history and a fun yet sassy burlesque routine with burlesque dancer Jo’Rie TigerLily via crowd cast streaming service . The link and passcode will be emailed the day of for your convenience.

To purchase your ticket , click the flyer and get ready to have fun!!!!!



    Putting Richmond's Black Restaurant Week on The Map (Excerpt)

By Sydney Lake of RVAMag / Published 3.14.19


"....Unlike traditional restaurant weeks, there weren’t set menus or prices at participating restaurants. Instead, the founders left it to each restaurant to decide how to create an experience for guests that would make them want to come back, Wentz said.

“We found that our set of restaurants is so diverse,” Wentz said. “We wanted to make sure that we didn’t limit the restaurants for being able to participate by only offering a certain type of thing.”

The mission of RBRE also set it apart from other restaurant weeks: to create a week about food and culture. With their tagline, “where culture meets cuisine,” the founders empowered participants to delve deeper into the week and embrace community.

One such event, “A Seat at the Table: Dinner Party Social,” invited guests to enjoy live art by painter Justice Dwight and music by Dulcet Duo RVA while indulging in soul food such as chicken wings, Boogaloo’s beloved fried broccoli, and, of course, cocktails.


On March 3, local event planner Shadae Lee of LadyDae Events hosted “A Seat at the Table” at Boogaloo’s, one of the many hidden gems of the black restaurant scene in Richmond. As this was Lee’s first year participating in RBRE, she said she had wanted to find a restaurant that not many people knew about to host an event that would invite guests to step outside of their comfort zones. "

To check out the full article , please click the picture !

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